Speed Cubing and Speed Stacking

Well, there are very many sports out there, such as basketball, tennis, football, baseball,etc. But those are just the normal ones, there are much more bizarre andbeyond normal sports out there. But today, speed cubing and speed stacking is the star.

┬áSpeed cubing is a puzzle sport where you solve some kind of puzzle in lightning speed. The well known puzzle from speed cubing is the Rubik’s Cube 3×3. Besides that, there are much more cubes puzzle waiting to be solved solved, such as the Rubik’s Revenge, Gearball, Rubik’s Magic, Fishermen’s cube and much more. But we are going to discuss speed cubing in general. Speed Cubing has tournaments spread all around the world from local, state, national and even world championship tournaments. Some of hte powerful names in Speed Cubing is :

Felix Kjellbergs, the world record holder in 2013 which have solved the Rubik’s cube under 6 seconds numerous times.

Collins Burns, the 2015 world record holder with a time of 5.25 seconds

And Lucas Etter, the first cuber who break the 5 second barrier and create a new record with the time of 4.90 seconds.

Now for the availibity of hte cubes, you can get the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube easily now, it is sold at almost every retail store around the globe such as Target, Carrefour and Toys R’Us.

Well for Speed Stacking, it is a sport where you stack a set of 12 special designed cups into certain pattern and pyramids and unstack them in lightning speed. These cups are different as they have holes in the cups to kepp them from getting stuck together.

The official Organization for speed stacking is the WSSA ( World Speed Stack Association). Speed stacks also have tournaments from loval tournaments to World Championship Tournament

Some of the powerful names in speed stacking is :

Emily Fox, the first woman world record holder atthe 2002 world championship speed stacking tournament.

Michael Puruggnam, the kid who breaks numerous world record and started speed stacking only when they saw it on tv and bought a set.

Well, those are some sports that is also my hobby, Please check their official website for speedcubing and speed stacking for more information.