Darma Yudha Orientation for StudyTour

 For those who don’t know, Darma Yudha is a Junior High School located at the Province of Riau, Indonesia. Last week on January 11th, the school’s Principal Mr. Yohanes Mulyanto and the managing director Mr. Christian Pramudana had an orientation for the StudyTour with the Seniors of Darma Yudha Junior High School.

So they decide that the students will go to Jogjakarta for the StudyTour on the middle of May, some students were very excited whereas some were dissapointed because they think they would be going to Bali just like the previous year.

Well, Jogjakarta is already quite a far place for Junior High School students, but it will be fine.

Some of the Senior High School Student’s Council members were also there to tell the students about the benefits for continuing High School at Darma Yudha. Including the President, the Secretary and three members of the Student Council.

Then Mr. Chris takes over, He explains to us some of the connections Darma Yudha have with some universities, He also told us all the requirement to register to Darma Yudha High School.



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