Speed Cubing and Speed Stacking

Well, there are very many sports out there, such as basketball, tennis, football, baseball,etc. But those are just the normal ones, there are much more bizarre andbeyond normal sports out there. But today, speed cubing and speed stacking is the star.

 Speed cubing is a puzzle sport where you solve some kind of puzzle in lightning speed. The well known puzzle from speed cubing is the Rubik’s Cube 3×3. Besides that, there are much more cubes puzzle waiting to be solved solved, such as the Rubik’s Revenge, Gearball, Rubik’s Magic, Fishermen’s cube and much more. But we are going to discuss speed cubing in general. Speed Cubing has tournaments spread all around the world from local, state, national and even world championship tournaments. Some of hte powerful names in Speed Cubing is :

Felix Kjellbergs, the world record holder in 2013 which have solved the Rubik’s cube under 6 seconds numerous times.

Collins Burns, the 2015 world record holder with a time of 5.25 seconds

And Lucas Etter, the first cuber who break the 5 second barrier and create a new record with the time of 4.90 seconds.

Now for the availibity of hte cubes, you can get the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube easily now, it is sold at almost every retail store around the globe such as Target, Carrefour and Toys R’Us.

Well for Speed Stacking, it is a sport where you stack a set of 12 special designed cups into certain pattern and pyramids and unstack them in lightning speed. These cups are different as they have holes in the cups to kepp them from getting stuck together.

The official Organization for speed stacking is the WSSA ( World Speed Stack Association). Speed stacks also have tournaments from loval tournaments to World Championship Tournament

Some of the powerful names in speed stacking is :

Emily Fox, the first woman world record holder atthe 2002 world championship speed stacking tournament.

Michael Puruggnam, the kid who breaks numerous world record and started speed stacking only when they saw it on tv and bought a set.

Well, those are some sports that is also my hobby, Please check their official website for speedcubing and speed stacking for more information.






National Exam Preparations

Last week on the 25th January of 2016, Darma Yudha 3rd grade Junior High students are having their 3rd Try Out ( or as some called it “preparation exam”). As on 2016, Darma Yudha have 7 class for their 3rd grade with each class containing approximately 25 students.download.jpg

Beside of their regular class, the students were also divided to a few classes baed on their scores for extra lesson that they get throughout the year. Darma Yudha had their 1st Try Out in September and their 2nd in October, now in January is their 3rd Try Out. The Try Out consist of four subjects including Mathematics, Science, Indonesia, and English.

Not like the previous Try Out where the students will do the exams one per day, for this tryout the students are going to have two subject a day. Which means they’ll have to study more and more to get flying colours.

As for their real National Exam, it is going to be held approximately on early May. Which will decides where they could continue to High School and eventually college.

While Junior High national exams have four subjects, Elementary’s national exams only have 3 subject which include all of the four subject except English. While for High School, the national exam will have five or six subject to be exact based on the major the students pick.

Now back to the Junior High 3rd Try Out, on the first day, which is January 25th, they have Mathematics and Indonesia. We will break them down one by one. For Mathematics, there will be 40 multiple choice questions and 50 for Indonesia.

On their second day, they have Science and English. Sciennce is divided into three sections with approximately 18 multiple choice question for Physics, 3 question for Chemistry and 19 question for Biology. As for English, there are going to be 50 multiple choice questions which includes short functional message, kinds of texts and arrange the sentence.

Well lets just hope that all of them would pass the Try Out and eventually continue to the High School of their choice.

Yogyakarta: Where Javanese culture takes place

From the all-night shadow-puppet performances to the bold and socially aware graffiti covering many a wall, Yogyakarta, the cultural and spiritual capital of Java, Indonesia, is above all a city of art and culture.

On any given day of the week, visitors to Yogyakarta can pick from an array of cultural events, including rock concerts, puppet shows and art exhibitions, taking place in and around the city.

Despite Indonesia being largely an Islamic nation today, the most spectacular of these cultural performances is the Ramayana ballet. It features dozens of dancers and musicians, elaborate costumes and explosive pyrotechnics as it recounts the story of the Ramayana, an ancient Hindu epic poem.

Although Ramayana ballets take place at a couple of venues in and around Yogyakarta, by far the most impressive is held in front of the thousand-year-old Prambanan temples just outside Yogyakarta.

Around 200 people, including dancers, lighting technicians, musicians and make-up artists, are involved in the main outdoor ballet production, which takes place several nights a week between May and October.

A pair of dancers performing during the ballet. Image by Stuart Butler / Lonely Planet.


The ballet tells the story of how the Hindu god Rama rescues his wife Sita from the clutches of Rahwana (or Ravana), a demon king who kidnaps her and takes her to Lanka.Members of the 'monkey army' holding burning torches. Image by Stuart Butler / Lonely Planet.

The culmination of the ballet is a spectacular fire ‘fight’ during which dancers leap through flames and wave burning torches as they recreate the final battle to rescue Sita from Rahwana.


Backstage at a shadow-puppet show. Image by Stuart Butler / Lonely Planet.

Wayung kulit, a type of shadow-puppet play, is the one of the more visible forms of traditional Javanese culture in Yogyakarta. As with the ballet, the stories told in a wayung kulit performance are usually based on one of the Hindu epics, the Mahabharata. The Sonobudoyo Heritage Museum (www.sonobudoyo.com) hosts performances most nights of the week.

Performers on stage at a rock concert. Image by Stuart Butler / Lonely Planet.

It’s not all classical culture in Yogyakarta. The people are naturally musical and it can sometimes seem as if every young Indonesian wants to be a rock star. This photo of the punk band Only Kids was taken at a concert in Yogyakarta.

Borobudur, a vision of the cosmos in stone. Image by Stuart Butler / Lonely Planet.


There are myriad other tourist attractions around Yogyakarta. Constructed around 800AD, the Buddhist temple of Borobudur, a one-hour drive from the city, is one of the world’s largest Buddhist temples. It was conceived as a Buddhist vision of the cosmos in stone and contains over 500 Buddha statues and more than 2500 decorative and narrative relief panels. It is widely considered one of the most beautiful of all Buddhist temples.


Darma Yudha Orientation for StudyTour

 For those who don’t know, Darma Yudha is a Junior High School located at the Province of Riau, Indonesia. Last week on January 11th, the school’s Principal Mr. Yohanes Mulyanto and the managing director Mr. Christian Pramudana had an orientation for the StudyTour with the Seniors of Darma Yudha Junior High School.

So they decide that the students will go to Jogjakarta for the StudyTour on the middle of May, some students were very excited whereas some were dissapointed because they think they would be going to Bali just like the previous year.

Well, Jogjakarta is already quite a far place for Junior High School students, but it will be fine.

Some of the Senior High School Student’s Council members were also there to tell the students about the benefits for continuing High School at Darma Yudha. Including the President, the Secretary and three members of the Student Council.

Then Mr. Chris takes over, He explains to us some of the connections Darma Yudha have with some universities, He also told us all the requirement to register to Darma Yudha High School.